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Shaman's Elemental Journey - NightSky Shaman

25-minute version

Shaman's Elemental Journey

The Shaman's Elemental Journey series features a meditation for each of the four elements in five worlds.

Night Sky Shaman Meditation

earth shaman

Walking out under the stars. Feel the connection with the Universe. Begin the Shaman's Elemental Journey. Take each step with purpose and intent. Become a new Energy Shaman.


Water Shaman

water shaman

Create a journey of awakening into the flow of Living Waters. Began the Quest at the source of a stream. Gentle rain falls while birds welcome you. Slowly drift deeper down as you enter the Temple of Flowing Waters. Hear the mighty drum resonate over the dark pools of energy as the shakers keep your intention on track. A Loon calls in the distance. Open and flow as the harmonics rise and converge into a Oneness of Knowing. An inner-vision quest using ambient sounds, and entrainment frequencies.

Fire Shaman Meditation

fire shaman

A Raven Medicine Meditation. Heal the mind and spirit from doubt and worry. Distill the soul. Release the fire within to energize your being. Align with the Shaman's Elemental Journey Series. Become a new Energy Shaman.


Spirit Shaman Meditation

spirit shamanSpirit

Shaman Meditation. Soar above the Earth. Ride the Wind. Allow Wisdom, Truth and Clarity to unfold in this the Air-Spirit Meditation.


Give your full attention and intention to the realization and perception of the Spirit Shaman.

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